Comprehensive Analysis for Better Policy

Focus Areas

Activity: research and public dialogue





  • Analytical research and evaluation of social development:
  1. Political Process and Good Governance
  2. Economic Policy and Business
  3. Foreign and Security Policy
  • The organization of social dialogue and dissemination of knowledge



Political Process and Good Governance. The study of Ukraine’s key political institutions - Presidency, Parliamentarianism and Constitutional Order – and how they are formed through Political Process. The studies that aim to increase the accountability, transparency and efficiency of the Ukrainian system of public administration. 
Economic Policy and Business. The study of key business issues and trends in the development of Ukraine’s economy, including selected Industry Sectors, Competitiveness, Fiscal Policy, Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy and Regulation. 
Foreign and Security Policy. Our approach to the study of Ukraine’s foreign policy is to examine Ukraine’s strategic national interests in the areas of politics, economics, defense policy, migration, environmental and humanitarian issues. Our experts analyze Ukraine’s relations with key players in the region of the former Soviet Union, including Russia, EU, US and China. Security Studies at UIPP are based on the broad concept of security identifying and advising on management of both military and non-military security threats. Our special focus is on international affairs and security in the Black Sea region.


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